PBW Curator Shrug

PBW Curator Shrug


The "Best-Selling" Perfect Balance World Curator Shrug is Back!!! Selling Out Every.Single.Time. The PBW multi-functional Shrug/Scarf hybrid is Athleisure Wear at it's finest! The Fashion-Forward design wraps you in comfort while the thumbholes makes this Shrug Edgy & Extraordinary. Soft and stretchy, pair with a strapless or sleeveless top for that extra pop to your Athleisure Wear collection. Perfect for Yoga, Pilates and Barre. The PBW Shrug is a Studio to Street must have! A little Glam, a little Function, a LOT Brilliant. 

Sizes 2-4 6-8 10-12
BUST 32-34" 34-36" 36-38"
WAIST 26-28" 28-30" 30-32"
HIP 34-36" 36-38" 38-40"
THIGH 20-21" 21-22" 22-23"


The PBW clothes collection is just amazing!! The leggings are great for yoga, although I find them very comfortable, lightweigh and fresh on runs and other workouts as well.The Phaze Top is very sassy and sexy which means it is also great to wear to a casual gathering. But the plus of this brand is the special design landmark, they are a gentle reminder in your yoga practice, leading you on your next move, is specially good if you are beginner and need an extra help to grip well and find balance. I highly recommend them.


I've been using @Perfectbalanceworld gear for one year now. The strategically designed landmarks on their outfits are perfect for upgrade your balancing game. My arm balances were really shaky when I started my Yoga practice, but then I read about @perfectbalanceworld gear and I noticed so much improvement. I can hold poses for longer span because the landmarks facilitate the balancing process. I definitely recommend this intelligent fitness gear that will boost your practice to higher altitudes.

Pallvi Sharma

When I first started practicing yoga, flying crow was a pose that was not in my practice. After a year of consistent practice, I was able to finally fly my crow! I was so excited. That being said, I could only hold my flying crow for about 2 seconds before my knee would slide off of my arm. I had the core and upper body strength but was lacking stability. When Carla sent me my Perfect Balance World Outfit, it was a complete game changer for my crow. I didn’t have to worry about slipping off anymore because of the landmarks on the clothing. My knee was stabilized and that allowed me to focus on lifting and lengthening my leg. I had never flown my crow as high as I flew it on the day that I received my outfit. It was an amazing feeling. Thank You Carla and Perfect Balance World!