How it works?

Perfect Balance World Believes your body is an equation. Imagine if the yoga clothes you wore empowered you to achieve Perfect Balance. Imagine if every pose, was supported by your clothing. Imagine what you could accomplish if Physics, Engineering, and Spirituality came together to give you Perfect Balance. Perfect Balance World designed a Patented, Intuitive, “Physics-Based” yoga Collection revolutionizing the way people practice yoga.Perfect Balance World stopped Imagining & started Innovating. With our patented* landmark system, you won’t fall out of a yoga pose ever again because we built the Balance "Into" the clothing.  By using the Physics of your body, you gain control over your center and the ability to move it through’s simply Physics in motion.  Our intelligent clothing allows a yogi to bend, stretch & invert beyond their center of gravity just by virtue of wearing our Patented “Physics-Based” design...with the Balance Built In. The Perfect Balance World System radically simplifies the process of getting into those angles. We “handle the angles”. We’ve got your back, your front and everything in between. Don’t slip out of your favorite pose, Master it. Don’t struggle to achieve what your mind is already capable of, Surpass it. Don’t fight gravity, Embrace it. Welcome to your Scientific Sweet Spot where your center of gravity, your support, and the Earth itself are all aligned. It’s Balance...Reborn.